Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Spring Semester Week 2

Naturally things were hectic this past week.  From resolving to not apply to graduate school, it turns out that I will be apply to one school this year.  Keep your finger's crossed.  In other news I found an odd clay body that a classmate had mixed.  It's a white hand building body with 20% grog.  I'm enjoying pinching with it.  I'm attempting to make the walls as thin as I can without creating holes, and close the walls up to create enclosed vessels that sag and collapse on themselves.  Hopefully this week I will get some new pieces resolved in my egg work.  I finally have all my large eggs bisqued, so that one can move forward.  Yesterday Brian and I began work on the new slip mixer set up.  It's only the plywood mounted to the shelf right now, but it will have an adjustable height mixer on pulleys once it's finished.  So, it's business as usual for now.

New Pinched/ Collapsed Vessels:

New Mugs (to be Bisqued):

Large Eggs:

Little Assemblage:

First Step for the New Slip Mixer:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Spring Semester Week 1

Here we are, back again for a new semester.  Lilly and I of course missed the entire first week of classes doing work study at Arrowmont's Pentaculum.  I always enjoy getting away and going up to the mountains.  I gives me time to reflect and think about what I'm doing and where I'm going in my life and work.  I've currently been debating with myself about applying to graduate school this year.  I had been planning to wait  year, but the thought occurred to me that I might be "selling myself short" by waiting.  Now I'm wondering if rushing is "selling myself short" by not being fully prepared.  I think the latter is the case, and I should wait and spend the next year getting my application materials together.  In short, stick with the original plan.  
Daydream No. 4
Meditation No. 1
Meditation No. 2
Anyway, Penatculum was fun, though a lot of work.  It's incredible to be able to go and see professional artists in their environment.  I find the entire Arrowmont experience very validating for young artists.  Being a work study there off and on for the last seven months has been a very fulfilling experience.  Unfortunately, I my not be returning for several months.
My next goal for the semester is to pull together a solo show right before NCECA.  I'll try to be better about posting here this semester and keep you updated on how the progress is coming along.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Weeks 4-16: An Overview

    So, not having posted for the last thirteen weeks has caught up with me.  I can't give  comprehensive record now, but I'll try to hit the highlights.  The first chapter is my time spent during the rest of September and the first half of October.  I was continuing to explore and try to advance my work, but was struggling with the hardest part (in my opinion) of being an art student which is figuring out how to talk about your work and explain why you make what you're making.  It was all very angsty and stressful on that front during this period.  However, beginning to play with slip trailing, embracing the "decorative" element of art making, and the drive down to Arrowmont for two weeks of work study helped to sort things out for me. 
    While at Arrowmont I had an annoying experience with another work study who had a problem with me for no real reason.  My initial reaction was to ask myself what I had done, which turned out to be nothing.  My drive down to Arrowmont had given me time to reflect and realize that my work was tending towards working out the remaining issues I had from my childhood, and the problems I had during adolescence.  This awkward situation with the other work study only helped me become more secure in this vein of thought because; a.) I had done nothing to be treated this way, b.) she was acting out childishly (causing me to reflect on when I acted the same way), and c.) caused me to consider when I was a very timid and shy child who always gave way to other people.  The current trend in my work is moving towards rejecting all these negative thought patterns and preconceptions that no longer apply, and reclaiming a positive outlook in spite of the problems I have faced. 
    Since realizing the nature of the body of work I am now engaged with, and having critiques on the first iterations of this work, I have started to conduct color tests to form a palette that this work can use to form a larger body of work.  I also hope to advance my technical skills in knitting and crochet, since they are becoming an integral part of this work.  Embracing the positivity and optimism of childhood is a choice I am now making in my work to reclaim my autonomy, and reject the negative thought patterns that have restricted my capabilities until now. 
    There is though the consideration that I need to reference the negativity I am leaving behind in my work.  Utilizing ambiguity to allude to this is my current plan.  Other possible ways to reference this are though colored lights (to create an unsettling mood), and digital projections that provide movement and unease.  Things to thin about though.

A Reflection on the Intersection of Nature and the Human Construct:

 Mold Making and Casting:

Working on Empty Bowls:

When Your in Progress Work Becomes a "Finished" Work:

First Part of a New Body of Work:

 More Units for Construction:

Sun Koo Yuh at Arrowmont:

Judy Fox at Arrowmont:

Outside the Kitchen at Arrowmont (I love this place):

Fired Units for Construction:

Daydream No. 1 and No.2 (With and without dramatic lighting):

Work for Wood Firing:

Deconstructed Time Machine Control Board:

Wood Firing:

Close to Catastrophe:

Front Stack:

Middle Stack:

Back Stack (Remains):

Some of My Stuff from Wood Firing:

Color Testing (Now):